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E. A.

I was incredibly happy with my hypnosis session with Whitney!! Whitney made me feel safe and comfortable and answered all of my questions. We worked on my self esteem issues- she helped me make an incredible breakthrough with them! After the hypnosis, the memories were still there, but there seemed to be a protective barrier put in place so they can no longer hurt me. I am super impressed with my experience! I will definitely be doing more hypnosis sessions with Whitney!!

T. M.

Whitney was a very nice and professional person! She was very thorough on what hypnosis is all about I was new to this! Very relaxed atmosphere as well! I went over on my weight problem and I actually felt no hunger after I left my session that week and the following ! I was surprised at my less urge to eat ! Definitely will go bk for another session !


I am a day trader and in these volitile times my stress level is at a point that I have never encountered in my life. I began drinking to excess and started smoking. I find it difficult to sleep through the night (I wake up in the middle of the night to check the foreign markets).
A good friend noticed my change in behavior and suggested I visit MS. Christina, truthfully I was sceptical in the extreme.  After one vist I noticed I was more focused while I was working and ( because of my session with MS. Christina)  realised that there are things I have no control over so worrying about them is futile so, I sleep better at night.
I still have behaviors I want to change and I am looking forward to using Whitney Christina Hypnosis as a key component to impliment that change.


I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who is looking to make positive changes and has failed trying other ways. I was admittedly skeptical is hypnosis would work for me as I have had trouble meditating in the past. I was very pleased with the results, even after the first session I noticed a difference. I did a full 5 session package to help with social anxiety issues. I had several epiphanies during this time that helped me work through childhood trauma that I didn't even realize were causing this anxiety.

I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and relaxed around others. I am not really focusing on what they are thinking about me and that has made a huge help in improving my confidence and quieting the chatter in my head. I decided to do this as an investment I'm myself to help with my career and personal life. It was well worth every penny and the time spent and I am looking forward to the positive changes I know I will continue to see in the future.

Thank you Whitney!!

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