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Offering Sessions in person or via zoom

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Whitney Christina
Certified Master Hypnotist

Before you select a hypnosis professional you want to make sure you have the right person with the right background to help you succeed with your issue. It is of equal importance to find someone with whom you are comfortable. That is why I take my time to make sure to answer your questions before you make an appointment.  My name is Whitney Christina and I would like to help you succeed. With the right approach, hypnosis can help you rapidly change your life. Let me show you how.

I know you want to make a very important change in your life. It is only natural to want to do and feel better and be more successful. And, it is only natural to want to make those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible. With hypnosis you can experience lasting or even permanent change in a relatively short period of time, even after a few sessions. Imagine how that kind of success can change your life. Wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy? Really, it is that easy. When you call me you will learn how you can turn your visits to my office into the kind of success you have been looking for.

Hypnosis Services

I help everyday people with everyday problems:



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Feelings of Inadequacy/

Less Than



We Help When Everything Else Has Failed

Angry? Fearful? Can't stop a behavior? We don't ignore emotions or try to medicate them away. We take difficult cases and help most people resolve their problems, usually in 4-6 sessions!

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% Recovery after 600 Sessions

  • Behavior Therapy: 72% Recovery after 22 Sessions

  • Hypnotherapy: 93% Recovery after 6 Sessions (American Health Magazine)

What Is Hypnosis?

Fortunately, The US Government Has Given Us A Definition That Is Very Useful

According to the US government, hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the mind (that part that compares new information with old information already stored in the subconscious mind) and acceptance of acceptable selective thinking. Hypnosis allows us to bypass this comparing mechanism so that information can go right into the subconscious mind and affect our limiting beliefs and our habits so we can make a powerful change right away.

This Truth About Hypnosis video is based directly on Cal Banyan’s Model of the Mind and is used with his permission.

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